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It was the year 1897, when the football arrives in Palermo thanks to British merchant seamen of His Majesty the King of England, recruiting real challenges with muddy spiazzale port in the port of Palermo. Even a year later, in April 1898, the birth daje dell'Anglo Panormitan Foot Ball Club, headed by the consul Joseph Whitaker, born in Palermo in 1850. The first club colours rossoblu are the same as a year after will be changed in rosanero: the colours of the sweet. Legend has it that the new colors emerge from the wrong washing mesh rossoblu unexpectedly scoloritesi. In the same year (1899) has changed the name to Palermo Foot Ball and Cricket Club. Already in the'30s Palermo conquest his first premier league, but after the first radiation of its history by federal ranks for economic reasons in 1926 and after the rebirth of'28 under the name of Palermo Sports Club. On 24 January 1932 was inaugurated, against Atalanta, the new stadium, with capacity for 15 thousand spectators well, which is called first of Littorio subsequently Favorita, a name which will retain until 2002, when the plant will be dedicated to Renzo Barbera disappeared, Presidentissimo of Palermo is the last that led the RosaNero series A. After four years in the league maximum (where it reaches the best placement of all time, place 7 °), the team dispute ladies tournaments in cadetteria up to the outbreak of the Second World War. Worth noting is that during the fascist period to Palermo was ordered to change its corporate colours from rosanero in giallorosso who were (and still are) colors municipal. Ritorneranno rosanero only after the war precisely in 1947 with the reconstitution of society and the new name of U. S. Palermo. In'39-40 championship comes the first relegation field team in Series C and finally in 1940 the company was again removed for economic problems. As I said, the rebirth of Palermo coincides with the end of war and finally in the'49 team riabbraccia the league managing to stay for six consecutive championships (record so far never equalled). Between the'60s and'70s the Palermo buys in the press as being "lift team": it is precisely in those years, in fact, that RosaNero wander continuously between the league and cadets (where among others the Rosa hold National attendance record with 40 in all, followed by Vicenza in Monza with 38). But at the beginning of the 70s, precisely on 4 May 1970, Renzo Barbera holds the highest office of the management of the company. The Presidentissimo, in Sicily nicknamed "the last of Gattopardi" for the unique style that the others, can bring Palermo in the league for the last time in its history in 1973, offering among other things the two finals Cup Italy lost both in'74 against Bologna after penalties (where he distinguished the arbitrator Bulgarelli, that honesty towards race is not hard to compare the famous Moreno) in'78 against Juventus. After Barbera was, the great football ends in Palermo. In'83-84 season, in fact, fall in the second relegation series C, but in 1986 that the tragedy happens: Palermo is for the third time off from the ranks federal financial defaults and only championship in'87 - 88, with the designation of pomposa U. S. Palermo city that still possesses, he was granted the privilege to share the C2 rather than dall'umiliante Excellence (privilege reserved for fame, catchment area and importance of gaming, so far only to Fiorentina in 2002 and to precisely RosaNero). Risalito immediately C1, can win the division only in'91-92, which also is downgraded again. E 'in recent years that the deleterious duet presidential Polizzi-Ferrara (but then in a second time only Ferrara) manages to touch Palermo at the lowest points of his glorious history, which culminated in the first and only relegation on the ground in series C2, disgraziato championship in'97-98 (fortunately cancelled relegation with thanks to the repechage of radiation). The only positive note of this period remains the conquest of Italy Cup series C, won against Como, in the'92-93 season. For the rest stentati few championships in B and many in C1. The historic case finally in 2000 with the passage of the company to Franco Sensi, also owner of Rome, and the conquest of new cadetteria which a year later followed by the acquisition of the team on the part of Maurizio Zamparini, thanks to which you are rekindled the hopes of premier league among the people of Palermo: between older people still linked to a faded memory mesh rosanero fight against big football.
The history of Palermo football is one of the best football stories of all time. A team established for the pure fun of noble late nineteenth century (as indeed happened in cities like London or Genoa), has always possessed a certain charm that has literally enchanted generations and generations of Palermo. The same colours, "the pink of victories and defeats of black, a little stress what has always been the way dell'aquila rosanero: it is often passed from years of splendor and glory years grey and shameful. With this writing we offer some information on the old Palermo, speaking of his birth, which occurred at the beginning twentieth century, continuing war for the periods up to get to Series A (1972) and today ...

The Palermo was born at a time when football began for the first time to find interest among the people and also found space in newspapers and in discussions daily. The new sport had arrived in Italy thanks to the British merchant; sailors often played football in ports before the ships to deceive the time during the hours. The old version remains true story sees the first football matches scheduled in the port of Palermo, among the British sailors and citizens Palermo, fascinated by the new sport. Interest in football is becoming very strong in all the cities of Italy (the first company was the Genoa 1893), and so even in Palermo was born on the first circle sportivo.Il 1 November 1900 thus saw the Anglo Panormitan Athletic and Foot Ball-club, for the work of Mary Ignatius ventiduenne Pagano, returned from a recent trip to London, the true home of football allora.Il Palermo was the top companies in the South (only shortly after there was Lazio in May 1902 ). club colours of newborn team were the red and blu.Fra members of the new club were: Norman Olsen, George Blake, Christmas De Stefani, Felice Pirandello, Walter Gaffiero, Roberto and Vincenzo Pojero, Benoit Marino, Enrico Giaconia , and Matthew Macaluso, not least the consul Edward De Garston. The first meeting was so Palermo to 30 December 1900 on the ground against Notarbartolo crew of Nathan.L 'icontro was against a total of Palermo who suffered a severe setback for 5-0.Durante the early twentieth century there was still a and national championship teams like Palermo effetuavano only amichevoli.I results of the races were very altalenanti Palermo. The first event of high importance is June 24, 1907, arrived in Palermo where the real England, Edward VII and the wife Alessandra, on board the yacht "Victoria and Albert." Edward VII was a great lover of foot-ball in his honour was made a meeting between the British and won the masters palermitani.Naturalmente Londoners. At that time came the change of colors, from blue-red (a combination of color too used between the teams Italian born, the first among all the Genoa 1893), a pink-black (colors already taken in the early days by Juventus, which then took the white and black). Joseph Airoldi wrote to Joshua Whitaker, one of the leaders of Palermo Fbc: <<Some sailors friends I have observed that the colors of your Palermo are exploited lot. The Genoa has yours, ours, colors. Yesterday Michele Pojero was of the opinion Mr. Blake and Norman Olsen to change red and blue rosanero. Michele says that the colors are those of and sweet. Your results have been mixed as a Swiss timepiece. In the future, as told Vincenzo Florio, Circle Sports Club by Mariano Stabile, when you lose, you can always drink his bitter black, while the pink can assaporarlo in sweet liqueur. My health is not good and pains of old age are so many, so hurry to beat the next teams. Joseph Airoldi>>. The new colors were forever changed and were only during the fascist period, when Benito Musollini wanted the team in the city of Palermo indossasse colors of the township, or yellow and red (fortunately, after fascism, were riadottati traditional colors ). history of the first Palermo league with one of the most prestigious trophies that the cup Lipton.Fra the 1909 and 1915 Games were such competitions for the award of the trophy, put at stake by the "King of tea "Lord or Lipton (great friend of Florio, powerful and rich family of Palermo). tournament this southern society took part as Lazio, Naples, Messina, and of course Audax Palermo. The Palermo was able to win the trophy five times a week, led by captain Ernesto Barbera. The last Lipton Cup dates back to 1915.In that began the very first world war, and sporting activities, including football, had to stop. Once the Great War there was by the rich families of the (including Florio) neither the strength nor the desire to rebuild the club palermitano.Solo thanks to the passion of sports Palermo could actually exist such as Fbc Racing, which in 1920 changed designation becoming Us Palermo. The new Palermo disputō races to the field Ranchibile (then located near the stage of "La Favorita"). In 1923 it was the merger with 'Union sports Lions' gelataio Petrolo, while in 1924 it was the merger with the Libertas. Sportsmen impazzivano at those times for Di Lucia, Iron, Frangipane. But the journey company was very tortuous. With the advent of fascism also coincides failure of the company on July 10, 1927, by the then President Valentino Colombo. Those were the years of the first time in league (which was then called First Division) .15 August 1928 the club was refounded with a share capital of 100 thousand lire, the result of a shareholder popolare.Documenti seem certify the interest of Totō Vilardo (Palermo historical character), former head of GSVigor. With the new company was the first of the new division national championship (a single round, which was adopted after the reform Pozzo), came after the 1929/30 season. The team was managed at the time by Baron Gebbiarossa.Con Bordonaro of the Thirty Years for Palermo arrive golden years. The first league championship was in 1932-33.Il bomber that season was Chiecchi.Altri players that were Valeriani, The Priest, and the centre Nigiotti Carlo Radice.Tutti these players contributed to the achievement of the first league, which in the Thirty Years Palermo knew for four years fila.Furono times grandiosi.Da also remember the great Santillo , and Borel Ziroli.In followed there was tracollo.In few years, the team was able even to disintegrate into division in 1936 and series C in 1940.Il 30 August 1940 the FIGC informed the commissioner Barbaro radiation to the usual economic reasons . Again Palermo found himself without football. But those were tough years in which he was active for the most powerful war machine of the last century: Nazi Germany. The war was already in the first years Quaranta.L 'Italy came immediately after the war. There were still attempts to return to calcio.Durante the period ahead dell'oscuramento became the merchant Beppe Lamb. On 9 May 1943 an aerial enemy destroyed the ground belly of the city with its rich Baroque witness. The crowds have poured into underground shelters. It was that the league laurel of Palermo stopped another new Palermo volta.Il the years of war, won the tournament championship in 1941-42 C and now was forced to stop climbing the series A. During the period there are fascist report by two major innovations: the change of colors in yellow red, as already mentioned, and the change of the stadium denomination Littorio in Michael Brown (a footballer pink black fallen in war). Palermo reborn in a first time after the merger with Juventina (adopting team). But the real recovery there was only after 1945, or after the end of the war. After the war a group of nobles, headed by Ramon Lanza di Trabia and Stephen from his La Motta, took over the company and did grande.Nel the 1947-48 championship team wins promotion to B coming prima.Il 6 January 1949 shook the legendary Turin Bacigalupo and Mazzola under a hail of captain Conti and companions: a 2-2 straordinario.Erano years Vycpalek, bomber race cecoslovacco.Intanto shadow of Favorita arrived Gipo Viani, architect and strategist, football. Brillavano the stars of Bronče, Gimona, De Grandi. In particular Bronče, Danish, was one of the greatest and continued his career in clubs such as Roma and Juventus.Ma the real leader of that Vycpalek.Fu was the first foreigner to wear the captain's band in a league Italian A. The Palermo Italy surprises the entire league and was in 1951-52 who tried to center the conquest of the Scudetto, but not avenne.L 'president was the prince Raimondo Lanza di Trabia, the inventor of calciomercato ( invented the football market piloting the trading day by phone from his room at the Gallia in Milan received in which the interlocutors often dressed only sheet). prince did many good things for Palermo, but ended his football adventure uccidendosi the 1 ° January 1954 in the Palermo Roma.Allora was already in the hands of Ernesto Pivetti. With the arrival of Fifty Years begins the era of the "ups and downs" from A to B. Hero of those times was the great Ghito Vernazza, leading the Palermo for four consecutive seasons (1956-60). Vernazza remains the largest gunner that Palermo has ever horse avuto.A the fifties and sixties, in the "milazzismo , "did great things Casimir Vizzini President and the Secretary Salvatore Vilardo, the" fox "of the football market. With a handful of million was set the Palermo-miracle with Mattrel, Burgnich, Fernando. Vilardo rovinō its history rosanero being disqualified for life for having combined the last match with Bari, Palermo (to be able to sell the team Fernando Pugliese that the footballer would have obtained only after the promotion to A). Decade of the seventies had protagonist Renzo Barbera. The gaming fell in love with the character, so the myth was born of Gattopardo.Era May 4, 1970, Renzo Barbera subentrava to Joseph Pergolizzi.Barbera was not like his predecessors a president "political", and when it assumed the post of He exhibited personally providing the company its heritage (even come to jeopardize the finances of his family). Barbera With arrives in Palermo coach people like De Grandi that contribute to the promotion of the championship series 1971-72 , the latest promotion in the history of Palermo.Eroi of that period were the various Troja, Pellizzaro, Chimenti, Ignatius Arcoleo (Barbera brought in Palermo prelevandolo by Juventina, that team was headed by the first years "Presidentissimo" itself). L ' years 1973 (1974 in scandalous manner, the second lost with Juventus in 1979). Dal after Barbera on the history of Palermo has inaridita, as the city with a series of characters ambigui.Gaspare Gambino came after Barbera, but left after one season (1981 -82). Palermo What was that for years was in B and was no longer able to rimontare.Nel championship 1983-84, headed by the President Roberto Parisi, is the historic and resounding relegation in C1, the first of many others unfortunately that will let seguire.La history of Palermo stain of blood on May 23, 1985, when Parisi is killed by burning mafia.La post of chairman was taken by the Saviour Matta, manager, linked to politics. And the mishaps continued. The Palermo goes back to B with Tom Rosati on the bench, but after the championship season of 1985-86 B occurrence of the most tragic moment in history rosanero: radiation from the championships federali.L'8 September 1986, the company was removed for the third time in history. Began the longest winter. It was that radiation politics, a story too long to be able to synthesize in a few bars. The lawyer Matta paid heavily, probably more than giusto.Per a series of events, Palermo could not join the championship and was thus removed from the championship B. The fans arise. And 'the end of a epoca.Davanti the stadium makes a real funeral with a coffin rosanero.Promotore is the great Vicč u pazzu, tifosissimo the years'70 and'80. By the end of Palermo ended one of its purpose of life and one of the most beautiful passions of football palermitani.La Palermo suffered without football for a year (most fans followed the club lots of red-blue Naval Shipyard, in the past team series D). Monday January 7 1987, the study notarial Rocca, was born with the Palermo Us Salvino Lagumina chairman. It came the "gift" of C2 by the president of FIGC Antonio Matarrese (which a year earlier had been among the architects of radiation Palermo). Palermo found the Palermo.Memorabile the friendly with Atletico Mineiro that sanctioned the return Palermo Favorita.Quasi of the 50,000 spectators in a stadium that could hold a little more than half (rosanero are aggiudicarono the meeting) .12 June 1989, surprise, he was named chairman John Ferrara, flanked by Liborio Polizzi, as a CEO. But this is a story devoid of emotions. Palermo was able to lead in C1 and B came with the 1991 championship-92.La management Ferrara-Polizzi was disastrosa.Non But there were ever economic opportunities for a return to great football. The relegation in C1 happened again in the 1993 Palermo is found in veterans of BI were DeSensi, Bucciarelli, Cecconi and captain Biffi, the man who counts most in attendance Palermo (321 presences). Year was to report what he saw rilottare the Palermo for the promotion to A (championship 1995-96). Samples of that period were the various Beppe Iachini, Gianluca Berti, Lorenzo Scarafoni and Tanino Vasari.Il technical was the former midfielder rosanero Arcoleo, assisted by former flag De rosanero Bellis.Il Palermo was the first in the charts for several days but finished eighth in the championship next season posizione.La had to be decisive for the promotion and instead sanctioned a new delusione.La relegation was fatal and also in Palermo had the C1 series difficoltā.Nel 1998 rosanero played the first play-out of their history is losing out in a house with Battipagliese.Fu that the dark period of history rosanero, comparable to that of radiazione.Il Palermo where he was found by party In C2.Fortunatamente, causing the failure of C1, the rosanero found C1.L 'assault to B was for four years and only occurred with Franco Sensi societā.Il headed the rest of the story we know. Sensi has consolidated in B team and has sold to Maurizio Zamparini promises that the immediate return to league in Palermo bringing people like Maniero, Asta, Zauli, Toni, Corini, Amauri ....... and the story continues .......