This website was created with the ultimate goal of bringing together three of my great passions of my life.The Palermo Football, the mesh collector match worn worn by the players, the photos taken at the stadium!

My collection consists of  93 mesh of Palermo from 2000 to the present (Jerseys Palermo) and a section dedicated entirely to our captain forever EUGENE CORINI. It also includes a section where Memorabilia keep the gadgets on Palermo, a newspaper clippings videotapes, DVDs, a wristband signed by Corini and Toni and many other pearls of history Rosanero.

I am interested to sports photos from 2003 and I grouped in photographic consulted on this website. There is a page with the emotional experience in that magical day was the 29/05/2004 with photos and Video produced by myself. The subjects of my photos are mostly organised sides as Warriors, Ultras, Brigades, BVS, UCN and also moments of pure calcium as activities carried out in the field and trainingprematch with contextual choreography to the players in the field.

I like to share my passion for Palermo to anyone why I decided to tell the story of Palermo Football and open a public BLOG where my articles and news on Palermo Football. It 'also a page where gather all the testimonies of newspapers and TV that talk about me, my site and my collection of match worn shirts.

If you want to contact me with any information about mesh match worn or issued and photos click here

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